What are Jackbots?

Jackbots are casual game NFT characters living in the Ethereum network. Jackbots will make their first appearance in our first-party mobile games and will be interoperable for all future mobile games. NFT holders will share the growth of the community, vote and participate in the future growth of the NFT.


Large amounts of in-game Currency
Exclusive VIP Cosmetics
Exclusive Game Features
Game success kickback
Unique Jackbot attribute bonuses
Access to private Discord feedback channels

Benefits will apply to all games in the Jackbot network

Jackbot Network

1. Easy to Play Games

Keep introducing fun and simple games into the community. Jackbots will apply to all of these projects.

2. Casual Competition

Simples games can also be very competitive. All Jackbot games will have leaderboards and other ways players can compete with each other.

3. Endless Giveaways

All holders in the Jackbot Network will benefit from every success. We'll be commited to giving back to the community in measurable ways.

4. Close Collaboration

Jackbot holders will be able to provide feedback, vote and get exclusive early access to all Jackbot Network games from now and the future.


Our roadmap is displayed below, please note that some dates may be subject to change​.

2022 Q2

Project planning and team formation

2022 Q3

Launch web and social media presence including Website/Discord/Telegram/Twitter​

2022 Q4

Launch First Project: All-In Poker on Google Play store, Release Caerulus NFT Marketplace

2023 Q1

Begin major Jackbot Club Community building operations

2023 Q2

Continue developing more games for Jackbot Club Community

Jackbot Specifications

Jackbots will have 10,000 uniquely generated avatars using 8 different parts. Each part will have a specified rarity which will add another layer of individuality. In the future, these attributes will give Jackbots different personalities and even benefits in the metaverse.


Former VP for a top grossing unicorn mobile game company. Founded a successful VC backed publishing company in Silicon Valley.

Former Director of Operations for a top grossing unicorn mobile game company. High-level Operations consulting with many top mobile game studios.

Former Lead Game Designer for a top grossing unicorn mobile game company. High-level Game Design consulting with many top mobile game studios.

Former Tencent Product Manager and VP of Business for a public mobile game company.

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